Searching for WW2 Evidence – German Dog Tag

         Metal detecting in WW2 zone with great finds like German soldier dog tag in a leather pouch together with a WW2 German coin.
The day started a about 10:00 AM, a foggy day and we were prepared to climb a 860 m hill where in August 1944 was a fight between German army and Romanian and Russian army.
People that live close to the location told us that it was just one night fight and the entire hill was on fire after using incendiary ammunition.
      We found all the evidence, the burned soil, battle damaged relics and lost of Russian mortars that were launched at the bottom of the hill. But also a 10.5 cm German Cannon projectile, laying down on a side of the hill and still on the surface after so many years and Thank God that it was empty because active ammunition can be dangerous even these days and the first thing you can do is to call the police and they take care of the problem.
Many other finds in the area and for us a history lesson straight from the field you, you can imagine the passed moments and the noise like thunder produced by the exploding mortars.
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Detector: Garrett AT pro International
Video: Samsung galaxy S5 Active / NIKON D7100 18/55 mm