WW2 German Camping Base – Mountain Troops

             Another trip in the nearby mountain brought us closer to another WW2 German base where troops were passing in theri march to the east. In the area they installed S-mines because Russians and Romanians were chasing them but after the signs found in the zone I can tell that they had maybe an entire week or more before being attacked by Russians 6 km away in a hill pass.
We found interesting relics and the evidence of German tents, first we found a tent stake still in the ground marked with year 1938.
And that wasn’t all because we found on the side of the trench a German Black Wounded Badge in a good shape and that was the WOW moment of the day.
Later that day we found a Russian WW2 bayonet and not to forget the BONA Cheese which was the German troops daily food ratio.

Video here

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Detector: Garrett AT pro International
Video: Olympus TG4 / NIKON D7100 18/55 mm