WW2 Battleground Metal Detecting German Flak Ammunition and Wounded Badge

     Metal detecting in WW2 zone with great finds like a German Wounded Silver Grade zinc badge – and other nice finds.
The day started early in the morning with quite low temperatures close to 0 Celsius but in the first 10 minutes since I turned on my metal detector I found the first really high signal. It was a high pitch 87 signal on my Garrett At Pro and I was almost sure that it will be something interesting. I was right and we got a nice WW2 German badge for wounded in battle (early mintage).
Later that day we found other interesting finds:
– WW2 German Stick Grenade cap
– WW2 German Training Fuse marked 1939
Close to the end of the day around 4:30 PM we headed down to our car to go home but still using our metal detectors in „fast mode” and we got an interesting multi signal high pitch and low tones (most of the time only junk) and we decided to see what’s under. Not a bad idea at all because we found a pile of WW2 German 2cm Flak Grenade Shells, all fired and different( some made entirely out of brass, some steel and some brass plated steel.

This was a great day for metal detecting in a WW zone I have no doubt and I hope you enjoyed this and if you did so please subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos with our trips in the Carpathian Mountains unveiling the the echos of the past.
Thank you.
DMMD team

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Detector: Garrett AT pro International
Video: Olympus TG4 / NIKON D7100 18/55 mm










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